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chukar in Oklahoma

Welcome to Chukar Hunting at 5 Stone Ranch

The Chukar: The Chukar, known for its distinct markings, masterfully blends into rocky terrains. These birds thrive in dry regions where water sources such as rivers, ponds, and springs are essential. Spotting these elusive birds is a challenge due to their cautious nature, making them a prized target for hunting enthusiasts.

Best Time for Hunting: The ideal time to hunt Chukars is from late March to May when the males are more vocal and visible, increasing the likelihood of a successful hunt.


Guided Chukar Hunting Trips:

Chukar hunting is a popular sport in certain areas of the United States. The chukar is a small, sprightly bird that is related to the partridge and quail. It is considered a challenging bird to hunt because it is fast and can be difficult to spot in the open country.If you're looking to go chukar hunting, a guided hunt is the best way to go. With a professional guide, you'll have the best chance of spotting and bagging these small, fast birds. Chukar hunting can be a challenging and rewarding sport - so why not let a pro show you the ropes?Come to 5 Stone Ranch. Our experienced guides and hunting dogs will help you locate and bag your limit.

Meet Our Chukar Hunting Dogs

The Role of Hunting Dogs: A well-trained chukar hunting dog is indispensable for tracking down these small birds. Our dogs are expertly trained to locate and flush out Chukars from their hiding spots effectively.

Experience at 5 Stone Ranch: Our team of skilled chukar hunting dogs is ready to assist you during your hunt, significantly enhancing your hunting success and overall experience.


Gear Up for the Hunt

Prepare properly with our recommended gear list to handle the rugged terrain and variable weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable and effective hunt.

  • Boots

  • Lightweight pants or chaps

  • Long underwear

  • Wool socks

  • Wool or flannel long-sleeve shirt

  • Field coat

  • Raincoat

  • Hunter orange cap and vest

  • Leather gloves

  • Your choice of shotgun with shells

Book Your Adventure

Ready for the Challenge? Join us at 5 Stone Ranch for a challenging and exciting chukar hunting experience. Our experienced guides and trained dogs are here to ensure you have a successful outing. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the sport, we offer an unparalleled hunting adventure.

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