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Red Stag Hunt in Oklahoma

red stag deer hunting

Whether you’re new to the sport of deer hunting or a seasoned exotic game hunting enthusiast, the red stag deer, and its huge antlers are the ultimate prize for any hunter. And a red stag hunt in Oklahoma is an experience that should be at the top of everyone’s to-do list.

Here at 5 Stone Ranch, our red stag hunt packages are available from just $5,500. This covers meals, lodgings, and (most importantly) your trophy hunting activities. We organize hunts throughout the deer hunting season.

Take the first steps to an unforgettable experience by calling our friendly team today and book your trip.

Call (580) 367-0327.

World Class Deer Hunting In Oklahoma

Come to Oklahoma for the best red stag deer hunting experience. With 2200 acres of prime hunting ground, 5 Stone Ranch enables you and your group to enjoy the Sooner State’s very best hunts.

Oklahoma is regularly cited as one of the best states for hunting in America, and one of the most popular destinations in the world. Firstly, the red stag deer is the fourth-largest species as mature females can top 350lbs and males can exceed 500lbs. When coupled with their long antlers, they make the ultimate trophy for any hunting sports enthusiast. 

While your trophy is sure to provide the perfect highlight of your trip, it’s not the only key ingredient in the recipe for a memorable hunt. The Sooner State climate is pretty forgiving, even in the height of winter with temperatures regularly staying above 50°F in the day while rainfall is low.


Following a memorable day on our hunting grounds, our luxury lodges provide the perfect place to relax with friends, family, or colleagues.

Stunning sceneries provide the perfect backdrop for all deer hunting activities. Whether it’s an annual adventure with friends, or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally check the red stag deer off of your bucket list it doesn’t matter. 5 Stone Ranch is the answer.

red stag deer in the field

Bag a Red Stag in Style

Every trophy hunter appreciates that the red stag deer is one of the most sought-after trophies in the world. Quite frankly, the joy of getting your shot of a red stag never disappoints. It is an experience that you’ll never forget, and the deer on our hunting grounds boast the iconic long antlers that will make your success taste even sweeter. We take immense pride in the high success rate of our hunts.

With years of experience in organizing successful hunts and an unrivaled level of customer service, we will go above and beyond to ensure that your trip is one to remember. If you’re looking for a fantastic red stag deer hunting experience in Oklahoma, book your trip with 5 Stone Ranch today.

For more information or to book your spot, call (580) 367-0327 today.

We offer the perfect setting for a winter deer hunting adventure with red stag deer. Our 2200 acres of prime hunting ground are home to a large population of red stag deer, providing the perfect opportunity to bag the trophy of a lifetime.

Our luxury lodges are the perfect place to relax after a day spent hunting in the beautiful Sooner State scenery. With comfortable beds, and private bathrooms our lodges provide everything you need to unwind after a successful day in the field.

5 Reasons To Hunt Red Stag Deer In Oklahoma

  1. The deer are big. Really big.

  2. The climate is perfect for hunting, even in winter.

  3. Oklahoma is regularly cited as one of the best states for hunting in America.

  4. The 5 Stone Ranch team will go above and beyond to make sure your hunt is a success.

  5. Our luxury lodges provide the perfect place to relax after a long day in the field.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable guides are experts and know everything there is to know about red stags, hunting in Oklahoma, and the 2220 acres of hunting grounds.

As one of the most reputable hunting grounds in America, we pride ourselves on making every aspect of your trip as fun, exciting, and memorable as it can be.

Contact us at (580) 367-0327 to discover Oklahoma’s best red stag hunting experience for yourself.

Why You Should Choose 5 Stone Ranch For Your Red Stag Hunt

5 Stone Ranch is the perfect place for those looking for a top-quality red stag hunting experience. We offer:

  • Luxurious lodges

  • Experienced guides

  • All the necessary equipment

  • A large population of red stag deer

  • 2200 acres of private hunting ground

We pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable experience for our guests. If you’re looking for an Oklahoma hunting experience that you’ll never forget, look no further than 5 Stone Ranch.

Contact us today at (580) 367-0327 to book your trip.

What some of our happy customers have to say:

 Mike: I went on the red stag hunt and it was a fantastic experience. The guides were great, the deer was huge, and the lodge was very comfortable. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great hunting trip.

Brian: My son and I went on the red stag hunt and had a blast. The guides were helpful and knowledgeable, and we both ended up bagging a nice deer. I would highly recommend 5 Stone Ranch to anybody looking for a memorable hunting experience.

Jeff: We took a group on the red stag hunt and everyone had a great time. The guides were excellent, it seemed like the deer were everywhere, and the lodge was comfortable and clean.5 Stone Ranch is a place I'd suggest to anybody looking for a first-rate hunting trip.

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